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Master Dave Hum

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Master Dave Hum has studied Classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui from the world-renowned school, Zhong Zhou School (中洲派玄空) from Hong Kong famous Architect and renowned Feng Shui Grandmaster, Dr  Michael Chiang since year 2006.

He was accredited by International Feng Shui Association (IFSA, headquartered in Singapore) as a Professional Feng Shui Master in 2010.

Master Dave Hum had graduated from NTU with an Civil Engineering degree and had further acquired an MBA degree from University of Strathclyde (UK).

Master Dave Hum, with his good knowledge in the field of Building Construction, coupled with his feng shui learnings from a World Class Feng Shui School, his feng shui consultancy works have covered in numerous countriesin Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and China. To date, his biggest auditing projects conducted Overseas included Buildings with construction cost exceeding US$50 million in Vietnam and exceeding S$150 million locally for Developers.

Our Feng Shui Process Includes

Here is how we can help you with our service provided.

On site Feng Shui Audit & Analysis

Deflecting negative energy

House Internal Environment Analysis

Analysis of Door, Kitchen and Bedroom

Activation of Auspicious Sector

Enhance the Peach Blossom relationship


Compelling Reasons to choose Dave Hum Classical FS Consultancy

Mission to improve the well being

Master Dave Hum is dedicated to help people improve the quality of life using classical Feng Shui practices


Master Dave Hum had started to learn Xuan Kong’s methodology in the eighties during his army days and continued his learnings and In 2006, he started his new learnings under the Hong Kong renowned Architect and Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr Michael Chiang under Zhong Zhou School system. Starting from yr 2007, Master Dave Hum had started to audit for local and Overseas Developers

Result Oriented

Master Dave Hum’s consultation leverages on his mastery in Zong Zhou School (中洲派玄空) of Xuan Kong Feng Shui methodology. In the beginning of Qing Dynasty, eight renowned

Xuan Kong Schools of Feng Shui had emerged. Zong Zhou School has been one of the most famous, elite schools in Feng Shui consultancy. The methodology of Xuan Kong has always been effective unleashing and harnessing the Auspicious energies of the premise for improved fortunes and general well being in all aspects. Positive results are generally noticeable within two weeks to one month from the audit.
Xuan Kong Feng Shui consultancy had been deployed by the Imperial family and has a historical background of about 2000 years.

Inexpensive and Convenient Solutions

Master Dave Hum offers practical, effective and inexpensive solutions to boost & circulate good energies and to suppress bad energies. Also, the use of simple 5 elements ( Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) are cheap and readily available. There is no necessity to buy expensive symbolic products for Feng Shui purposes.
With the Construction experiences in the Construction Industry, Master Dave Hum can effectively appreciate the constraints and effectively deploy due and convenient remedial solutions.

Good Customer Satisfaction and Relationship

Master Dave Hum is customer oriented and emphasizes on custoner satisfaction. He is passionate, sincere, patient and comprehensive when carrying out Feng Shui audits and in responding to Clients’ needs and questions. Master Dave Hum welcomes further clarifications from Clients from time to time after the audit as not all queries can be raised during site audit. Clients are welcomed to clarify via direct calls, whatsapp/wechat messages.

Your Benefits

To help you to identify the types and qualities of energies at various sectors of the premise so that so that via Feng Shui remedies, the
net Auspicious energies are enhanced and well circulated throughout the whole premise.

Activation and harness Auspicious energies to improve :

  • Flow of Abundance and Wealth
  • Health and Mental well-being
  • Relationship
  • Fame, Academic Performance
  • More Supports and Good Opportunities Rectification and Curing of Inauspicious energies to minimize/turn around
  • Illness and Mental stress
  • Loss of Wealth, Fame
  • Bad relationship
  • Poor Academic results

Some photos of Projects/Seminars/Workshops

Vietnam project

Vietnam Projects


feng shui site survey for a residential project in vietnem hcm scaled

Residental Project


Singapore Feng Shui Master 23

Master Seminar


Feng Shui Testimonials

Let’s hear the testimonial what they say about our services

I have always been a believer in Feng Shui since i came to know of its existance. But what i lack is someone who is truly authentic in the practice of it to help others with it. That is why i was reluxtant to just engage ‘anyone’ who claims to be a Feng Shui Master. Do they really know his stuff ?

That knot in my heart is finally opened when i came to know Dave, the Feng Shui Master. We met in a social netwirking session and immediately he strikes to me as someonewho is  super passionate and loves

what he is doing. He was sharing so much ‘tips’ on Feng Shui that i was surorised that he’s doing it for free.

That’s where i decided to engage his service for my 4 room HDB flat. He did a thorough audit and advised me on the appropriate change to my room layout which i followed to the dot. Believe it or not, ‘things’ really change. My family and my life just gets better. I am also glad to say i have a few occasions of luck with ‘4D’.

Simon Tan

Sales Manager, July 2008

Master Dave Hum had told me to discard certain items and add some items (very cheap and easily available) at the counter and main glass door. I  did it quickly before he left my shop. My business started to improve within 5 days after the audit. Since then, 5 months had lapsed and i am contended with the good improvement. I really thank him from my heart.


Spa Owner, Nov 2019

Master Dave Hum is very meticulous in his audit and is extremely helpful to educate me on some important tips of good Feng Shui. He gives excellent after sales services and provides me with regular updates on the yearly and monthly energy flow.

Lawrence Tan

Business Owner and Life Coach

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